Brite Strike Infrared Tactical Balls

Brite Strike Infrared Tactical Balls

Features & Specifications
We developed the IR version of the Tactical Balls RID-3 at the request of a
number of SPEC Ops teams. IR Tactical Balls RID-3 can be used for a variety of
different applications from markers to diversionary devices if the enemy is
NVG equipped.

They are highly effective for providing light when used in conjunction with
the latest generation NVG’s (Night Vision Goggles)

IR Tactical Balls RID-3 are sold to Military and Law Enforcement agencies

Sold in sets of five, no deployment pouch is included.


    Max Output: 2 IR LED's (>13 000 MCD)
    Runtime: Up To 20 hours
    Modes: On / Off
    Batteries: (2 X CR2032 each light) Included
    Package Contents: 5 Tactical Balls®, Batteries

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