Capewell Retractable Grappling Hook

Capewell Retractable Grappling Hook

Designed by the Army Natick Soldier Center by soldiers� for soldiers. The Capewell Retractable Grappling Hook is the ultimate solution. A smaller hook is also a safer hook: it doesn�t get hung up accidentally while being carried, it can be thrown farther, which offers greater mobility in scaling obstacles, and it affords greater distance in clearing hazards.

Grappling hooks have many uses, including gaining entry or providing exit from buildings. For climbing and descending, the user places or tosses the grappling hook onto a roof, through a window or anywhere that catches and secures itself to give the necessary support. The other end of the hook is attached to a rope, which the user climbs or fastens to an item that is to be raised or lowered.

Most grappling hooks are large, heavy, bulky, and risky to use because the breaking strength of the metal is largely unknown. To improve the safety of this useful equipment, engineers at the Natick Soldier Systems Center in Massachusetts developed super new lightweight, high strength materials that cut the weight and bulk by 50 percent over the standard grappling hook.

  • Constructed of high-strength steel
  • Supports over 1,600 lbs Or Six 268 lb men
  • Convenient  Compact,  Only 8-Inches High
  • lightweight Only 1.5 lbs
  • Easy to Operate, It Offers Maximum Mobility & Safety

Capewell-GHPrice: $250.00

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