Mystery Ranch NICE Crewcab + NICE Load Cell + NICE Daypack Lid Lid

NICE Frame System Ready


NICE Crewcab

with NICE Load Cell and NICE Daypack Lid

VOLUME: 1900 cu-in (31l)- 5000 cu-in (82l)
WEIGHT: 7 lbs 11 oz (3.5kg) (w/ NICE Frame)
DIMENSIONS: 31-81"x12"x6" (79-206cm x 53cm x 15cm)
INTENDED USE: Load-Hauling, Day Hunts, Backpack Hunts
NICE Frame System


Part of the Mystery Ranch NICE Frame System
Bag must be used in-conjunction with a NICE Frame
Mystery Ranch large and small Load Cells are designed to fit perfectly in the load space of the Crew Cab
Compatible with the Daypack Lid which locks on loads that extend above the top of the frame
Up to three (3) 100 oz. Camelbak reservoirs fit inside the zippered back panel pocket that has integrated hose ports. This is also a great spot for maps and other flat items.
Autolock Buckles
Bag weight without frame 3 lbs. 7 oz
Made entirely in the U.S.A.

NICE Crewcab BVS

 Price : USD
with NICE Load Cell : USD 25.00 – USD 35.00
with NICE Daypack Lid : USD 90.00 – USD 104.00
not included shipping