Coaxsher Wildland Fire Packs

Wildland Fire Pack - Coaxsher FS-1 Mojave Wildland Fire Pack

MSRP: $129.95

The FS-1 Mojave design allows you to add Coaxsher accessories and also Coaxsher pack modules later giving you the freedom to configure the pack to your exact needs.  When you purchase the FS-1 Mojave you get the main pack harness, water reservoir case that holds up to a 102oz water bladder (water bladder sold separately), and the new generation fire shelter case w/ glove compartment.  The fire shelter case attaches to the main pack harness with quick-release buckles but also comes with alice clips to attach to the sides of the hip-belt.  The ergonomic suspension harness provides all-day comfort with its high-quality padding, aluminum stays, and our new patent pending D.A.S. Dual Action Stabilizer system.
Wildland Fire Pack - Coaxsher FS-1 Spotter wildland fire pack

MSRP: $179.95

When working as a wildland firefighter, you need equipment that is compact, lightweight and durable yet spacious enough to hold necessities. The compact design of the FS-1 Spotter is ideal for firefighters with mid to lightweight loads, making it comfortable to carry while providing easy access to your equipment.

   FS-1 Ranger Wildland Fire Pack

Wildland Fire Pack - Coaxsher FS-1 Ranger wildland fire pack


When you’re fighting wildfires, you need to focus on your job, not your equipment. You need a comfortable, lightweight wildland fire pack like the FS-1 Ranger wildland fire pack that can be customized to meet your needs.


MSRP: $99.95

The NEW Bowline Haul Pack is the ultimate pack for all your climbing/rescue gear. Retrieve your gear easily and quickly with a flip-up back plate which gives you access to the 2500 cubic inch main storage area with a wide draw-string opening. The interior rope tarp (4’ x 5’) protects gear from dirt and moisture, while two internal zipper-close pockets provide organization for draws and other hardware.