NcStar Molle Pals Tactical Vests


NcStar Molle Pals Tactival Vests

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These NcStar CPV2915 Molle/Pals Military Tactical Vests feature modular PALs webbing sewn on the front and back panel, making them the ultimate in customizable shooting vests. Constructed from tough PVC mesh webbing for maximum ventilation and durability. With three adjustable front buckles, side straps, and adjustable shoulder panels, the vest is adjustable to fit most body types. The NcSTAR PALs Modular Vest includes a heavy duty belt with two additional utility pouches, reinforced drag handle strap, and the tacital vest is also hydration system compatible (bladder not included). For the shooter looking for a modular vest for different shooting scenarios, here is the modular vest you've always been looking for. You can attach your PALs compatible cartridge/shell holders, magazine, and utility pouches in any fashion on this PALs Modular Vest. For our complete selection of NcSTAR Tactical Vest.

CPV2915B: NcStar Molle/Pals Tactical Vest/Black
CPV2915T: NcStar Molle/Pals Tactical Vest/Tan
CPV2915G: NcStar Molle/Pals Tactical Vest/Green
CPV2915D: NcStar Molle/Pals Tactical Vest/Digital Camo Acu

Features of Nc Star CPV2915B Military Tactical Vests:

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