Crye Multicam / MTP Match BUSH HAT

Short Brimmed

This hat is made from OFFICIAL CRYE MULTICAM Material for use with the New British Multi Terrain Pattern Uniform

This hat has been designed using the highest quality materials throughout, the fabric is Official Crye Multicam, the Cord is Official Rot Proof 550 - 7 Strand Paracord and the Cordloc is Military Grade ITW Nexus.

This hat has been trialed from our shop on a UK military base and has received fantastic feedback, this hat is being worn now by members of the UK's military and we currently have orders for supplying to units for up and coming tours.

We believe that this is without a doubt the highest quality Bush hat available on the market worldwide

The brim has been shortened from the standard 3" that is on the issue bush hat to a 2" shortened brim, not only does this size allow a far better field of view it also provides coverage from the sun.

The shortened brim has always been preferred by members of Britains Elite and Special Forces and is now being worn by many in all areas of the British and Worldwide forces.

We have chosen to use official 550 Paracord with this hat as it is the only cord available that will last in all environments, not only will this help giving you piece of mind when moving through thick foliage areas or running, you can also use the cord for a variety of other uses if needed.

The photo shows the hat from a side angle

Other Sizes Available

Sizes Available include 55cm, 56cm,57cm, 58cm, 59cm, 60cm, 61cm, 62cm

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