Complete Protection

Fire Resistant Environmental Ensemble

Mounted or dismounted, America’s warfighters face a broad range of environmental threats every day on the battlefield and at home. Finally, there is a versatile fire resistant solution that provides complete protection.

Introducing the Fire Resistant Environmental Ensemble (FREE). Based on current U.S. Army layering systems, FREE uses the latest textile science and FR technology to keep the warfighter protected, comfortable, dry, and warm across a broad climate range. The system is engineered to be functional in and out of aircraft and combat vehicles. Whether riding, flying, or on foot the FREE system’s adaptability provides the broadest range of environmental protection – a critical factor in responding to current threats while facing extreme climate conditions.

Outperforms OTHER Systems in Every Category

Completely FR

Every component is fire resistant for warfighters at greater risk of being exposed to fire


Available in OCP and UCP, FREE is designed to integrate with current Army issue FR duty service uniforms such as FR ACU, iCVC, and A2CU


FREE can be configured and worn to address the individual’s personal climate tolerances without sacrificing FR protection

Extreme Climate Protection

Enhanced comfort & protection across a broad climate range from – 40 F to 60 F

Improved Design

Athletic fit for enhanced layering and freedom of movement with reduced bulk


Lightweight and breathable with high moisture movement to keep body dry and comfortable

FREE Is Engineered for Comfort and Functionality in and out of Aircraft and Armored Vehicles

FREE is a comprehensive clothing system from skin to outerwear, from head to toe, and is designed to be compatible with currently fielded personnel protective equipment. In addition, the FR duty service uniform is integrated as a fire-resistant layer of FREE. All components incorporate FR technologies to increase protection from flash fires. Whether riding, flying, or on foot, the FREE system’s adaptability provides Soldiers more choices and the broadest range of environmental protection.

The Complete FREE System Features 12 Components to Provide the Broadest Range of Defense from Unpredictable Environmental Conditions As Well As Flame and Heat Threats.

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