Bollé Tactical LASER X1000 G/Y Google

Bollé Tactical LASER X1000 G / Y

Bollé Tactical
LASER X1000 G / Y
Bolle X1000 Tactical Black standard screen LASER
Size: one
Gender: Unisex

Price : RM 1,190

Filters Laser Technology
In the field of laser protection, Bollé offers organic polycarbonate filters with many advantages:
>> Security: They are 20 times more resistant to shocks and impacts that the hardened mineral glass of equal thickness which makes them virtually unbreakable. Absorbers and their pigments are incorporated into the mass. Thus in contrast to mineral filters obtained by thin film deposition, their performance is not diminished by scratches or the presence of pinholes.
>> Retirement: in case of overload fuse these new filters with a clearly audible noise warning the user of danger when a mineral filter may burst, causing serious injury holder and let the laser beam.
>> Comfort: Much lighter than mineral filters, they are so much more comfortable.

Risks of radiation 207 D, I, R
Risks of radiation 207 D, I, R

Characteristics of masks:
106 gr
Eye Laser Ballistic Polycarbonate - 3.0 mm - 5 Galbe
Ballistic Resistance STANAG 2920 V50 776 km / h (215.8 m / s)
Anti-scratch, anti-fog
Adaptability to all helmets and small footprint
Mount airy TPV resistant to high temperatures
QUICK RELEASE TECHNOLOGY This technology enables emergency, to undo the braid and quickly remove the mask with one hand.
Marking standards L5 DIR 1000-1030, 1030-1055 L4 DIR, DIR 1055-1070 L3, L3 10600 KB EC
Interchangeable screen
Large adjustable headband
Insert optional optical