Haix International

HAIX BLACK EAGLE – the sporty all-rounder

The BLACK EAGLE brings running shoe technology together with inspired HAIX functionality – light and athletic, yet robust, offering high degrees of slip-resistance and breathability and permanently waterproof.

Black Eagle Safety 50 Mid
Black Eagle Tactical High

Black Eagle Safety 50 Mid
Light S3-Safety shoe with good protection function
Black Eagle Tactical High
Leathershoe - extremely slip resistant, highly breathable & durably waterproof

HAIX fireman’s boots – designed by fire fighters for fire fighters

Fire fighters in Los Angeles, New York, Hamburg, Mexico City, Moscow, Hong Kong and Tokyo all place their trust in HAIX boots. HAIX fireman’s boots are robust and reliable and provide comfort and safety whatever the terrain. The TV magazine show GALILEO agreed by naming this particular Bavarian product “the toughest boots in the world”. These are fireman’s boots that are designed by fire fighters with fire fighters in mind.

Fire Hero VarioFire Hero 2Fire Flash Pro
Fire Hero Vario The slip-on version of the championFire Hero 2 The champion among firefighter boots
Fire Flash Pro Lace boots for any firefighting operation with class 2 protective cut-resistance

HAIX specialist police footwear – for everyday deployment scenarios

Whenever HAIX develops a new shoe, the highest priority is to ensure complete suitability for the intended area of deployment. Conformity and stress tests in state-of-the-art laboratories are carried out as a matter of course. Theory is one thing. Practice, however, is quite another. HAIX developers speak of “proximity to the end user”. No specialist footwear is launched until mastery of the conditions of everyday use has been fully demonstrated.

Ranger GSG9-XBlack Eagle Athletic 11 High DesertBlack Eagle Athletic 11 High Black
Ranger GSG9-X Sporty boot for tough assignments
Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Desert With side zipper, highly breathable & durably waterproofBlack Eagle Athletic 11 High Black With side zipper, highly breathable & durably waterproof
Ranger BGS Ranger GSG9-S 
Ranger BGS Popular, tested and approved – for every operation
Ranger GSG9-S Developed with Special Operation Commandos and SWAT teams

HAIX military boots – developed in conjunction with teams in the field and tried and tested in extreme situations

Military bodies from the North Cape to Afghanistan equip their soldiers with HAIX specialist footwear. Military forces all over the world place their confidence in the quality of our footwear. Wearers of HAIX are fully equipped to cope with extreme situations such as long marches, missions extending over several days and uneven terrain.   

Scout BlackTibetKSK 3000
Scout Black The prefect boot for every assignmentTibet The all-rounder for every operationKSK 3000 Stable multi-functional shoe for every terrain