PT A- Bravo Half Shell Matte Black



A- Bravo Half Shell Matte Black

Matte Black

Product ID: 4811931mil

New 2012 PT A-Bravo. The affordable, lightweight 4 pt suspension helmet with Bungee Molle fastener. Comes with nape pad and multi chin strap for stable NVG platform. Black zinc phillips bolts for complete field strip. Dynamic porting and removable EVA foam for maximum comfort and breathability. Only helmet that Decontaminates. HAHO/HALO Jump Tested 20,000 +. Weight: 15ozs w/ rails. Designed for comm system support. Drill pattern includes MICH/PASGT/Norotos mount types (rectangular and triangular). Waterproof, Shockproof, MIL Grade. MADE IN USA.
Size: Available
Pre-Drill for PVS 7/14/15 NVG: $5.00
Wilcox shroud : $130.00
Norotos Universal Shroud : $160
Rail Mount: Left and Right Side Rail Mount : $7.00
Velcro (For Flag): Velcro Side, Top : $4.00
Tactical Light: 200 Lumen with laser : $99.00

Price: USD 

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