United SPRINT Level IIIA Ballistic Helmets



Color:  Black
   OD Green
 W/Front NVG Bracket add USD$120 (+120)
   No Front NVG Bracket

The SPRINT ballistic helmet is the latest special operations variant combat helmet from United Shield. It is constructed from para aramid material and provides lightweight, robust protection from ballistic and fragmentation projectiles and other low energy threats. In addition it includes factory fitted Picatinny side rails, providing a solid platform onto which accessory attachments, such as cameras and flashlights can be quickly and easily mounted, and an integrated universal night vision goggle mount.

A four point multi adjustment harness with suede cross straps and a neck pad is anchored to the shell with ballistic resistant bolts, the harness can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. The SPRINT helmet uses a pad liner system for enhanced stability and comfort.

In addition to meeting the full NIJ Level IIIA for ballistic protection the SPRINT Helmet also meets the STANAG 2920 Nato anti fragmentation standard (17gr FSP) V50 of 650 m/sec, and US MIL STD frag testing.

  • NIJ Level IIIA

  • Factory fitted Picatinny side rails

  • UNIVERSAL NVG Mount - Optional

  • Pad liner for stability and comfort Multi

  • Adjustment harness

  • Suede cross straps

  • Neck pad

  • Weight complete 2.8 lbs

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