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    Since 1997 Randall's Adventure & Training® has designed no-nonsense, affordable field knives specifically targeted to military, law enforcement, and the special operations community. Many of our knives now serve in combat zones around the globe. Our knives have a "no questions asked" lifetime warranty. ESEE Knives® is also setting the standard for many local, state and federal law enforcement officers when it comes to high performance, compact sheath knives with multiple carry options. The NTOA scored our 3-inch fixed blade a 4.77 out of a possible 5. In addition to our knives, we also offer survival, land navigation, tracking and other training courses along with free survival information  


If you are not sure if the knife you are buying is a genuine ESEE Knife, then purchase from our list of approved dealers. We DO NOT suggest buying from eBay, or any auction sites since Chinese manufacturers continue to counterfeit our product and use our registered trademarks. Some of these sites refuse to police their dealers or product.  You can read more about ESEE counterfeits here. Click here to view the US law on counterfeit goods. Any dealer selling counterfeit ESEE knives will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Jungle Survival Class in the Amazon jungles of Peru. Click on the photos below (See more at the Randall's Adventure & Training web site).


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