Cobra Night Vision Merlin NVG Goggles

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Cobra Night Vision Merlin NVG Goggles

Cobra Night Vision Merlin NVG Goggles include a built-in Infrared Illuminator which gives good low light/total darkness capabilities to greatly improve your visual awareness in the dark.

The Merlin NVG Goggles have a variable beam setting to allow light to be focused from flood to spot so that it can be used with all lens options. They come with a high-grade Gen 1 image intensifier tube in a partially rubber-armoured shell.

They offer 1.0x magnification as standard, whilst 80mm (4.0x), 100mm (5.0x) and 120mm (6.0x) lenses are available too. The NVG Goggles include a super lightweight headmount which offers a flip-and-lock facility, safety lock, eye-relief adjustment and replaceable leather forehead pads.

Gen Dimensions Weight FOV Lens
1 136 x 47 x 70 mm 300 g 40° 26 mm f1.4

Mag Battery MRVR I Red Case
1.0x 2 x 1.5V Alkaline E90/Type N 0.25-30 m Yes Yes

Price RM4490.00