Cobra Night Vision Tornado 165 Bioculars

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Cobra Night Vision Tornado 165 Bioculars

The compact Cobra Night Vision Tornado 165 Bioculars are lightweight, high-magnification and ergonomically designed Gen 2 bioculars ideal for greatly improving your visual awareness at any time of day.

They include a small built-in short-range Infrared Illuminator whilst optional high power IR illuminators improve usable range in very low light and total darkness to greatly improve your visual awareness in the dark.

The Tornado Bioculars feature a lightweight headmount which offers a flip-and-lock facility, safety lock, eye-relief adjustment and replaceable leather forehead pads.

The unit can be fitted with the 7013 100mm F1.5 telephoto lens for 4.0x magnification and can be converted into a night vision goggle with the 7046 Headmount and 7033 26mm F1.2 lens with 1.0x magnification.

Optional Accessories

  • 7011: 150 mW IR Illuminator
  • 7012: 75 mW IR Illuminator
  • 7013: 100 mm f1.5 Lens
Gen Dimensions Weight Field of View Lens
2 410 x 105 x 95 mm 1200 g 6.5° 165 mm f2.0
Mag Battery MRVR I Red Case
6.3 2 x 1.5V Alkaline AA/MN1500/E6 3-600 m Yes Yes

Price RM20,900.00