Cobra Night Vision Tornado Goggles

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Cobra Night Vision Tornado Goggles

Cobra Night Vision Tornado Goggles are compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed Gen 2 biocular goggles ideal for greatly improving your visual awareness at any time of day.

They include a small built-in short-range Infrared Illuminator which improves usable range in very low light and total darkness to greatly improve your visual awareness in the dark. The Tornado Goggles feature a lightweight headmount which offers a flip-and-lock facility, safety lock, eye-relief adjustment and replaceable leather forehead pads.

The Tornado Goggles use 26mm F1.1 Lenses with a wide 40° field of view.

The unit can be transformed into a hand-held high magnification biocular with the addition of telephone lenses both available separetly – the 7013 100mm F1.5 and 165mm F2.0 which offer 4.0x and 6.3x image magnification.

Optional Accessories

  • 7011-150 mW IR Illuminator
  • 7012-75 mW IR Illuminator
  • 7013-100 mm f1.5 Lens
  • 7015-165 mm f2.0 Lens
Gen Dimensions Weight FOV Lens
2 173 x 148 x 73 mm 700g 40° 26mm f1.1
Mag Battery MRVR I Red Case
1.0x 2 x 1.5V Alkaline AA/MN1500 0.3-150 m Yes Yes

Price RM17,890.00