Cobra Nightvision Tempest Weapon Scope

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Cobra Nightvision Tempest Weapon Scope

The Cobra Night Vision Tempest Weapon Scope is a compact and unique Gen 2 weapon scope with a 3-in-1 design, providing telescopic sight for the day, the night and a night vision monocular. It is ideal for greatly improving your visual awareness at any time of day.

The Tempest Weapon Scope boasts an interchangeable eyepiece system to switch quickly between day and night use. It features a high quality F1.5 lens with large 66mm front optic combined for remarkable image magnification, maximum light transmission and superb optical quality.

Changing between the day and night eyepiece has no effect on the rifle’s zero and eye relief remains the same throughout extended use. When used at night, it is parallax-free at any distance. It is also shockproof and weatherproof.

Optional Accessories

  • 7011: 150 mW IR Illuminator
  • 7012: 75 mW IR Illuminator
  • 7029: 3x Lens Converter
Gen Dimensions Weight Field of View Lens
2 330 x 80 x 82 mm 990/1050/380 g 3.7/7.4/37° 100 mm f1.5
Mag Battery MRVR I Red Case
7.0/4.0/1.0x 1 x CR123A 3V Lithium
No Yes

Price RM32,060.00