Search & Rescue Harness

Rescue Command Safety Fall Class lll Harness

Rescue Command Safety Fall Class lll Harness

List Price: $1,449.00

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Product Code: WH-RCH-21


  • Rope deployment bags built in underneath each arm hold 100 ft 6,500 lb rope or 300 feet of 2,250 lb Dyneema rope.
  • Collapsible Rear main pocket holds up to 400 feet of 6,500 lb rescue rope.
  • Side pockets have Nylon webbing covered with plastic work rails to hold Carabiners and other equipment in or out of the waterproof pockets.
  • Rear lower pocket to transport lifting devices for 
  • 4 - Front zipper pockets to hold accessories, cameras, phones, electronics, etc.
  • 2 - Front Cargo Pockets.
  • 1 - Rear Top zipper pocket to hold hat, Ponchos, or Fall Lanyards.
  • Water resistant pockets protect equipment and is UV treated material.  
  • Includes 1/2 condensed foam in belt seat and leg pads for superior comfort.
  •  Acender can be built in to instantly attach to any rope for quick climbing. ( Recommended)
  • 2 - links for attaching leg suspenders or suspension trauma straps.
  • 2 - Forged Steel 5000 lb rated belt position rings
  • 2- Forged Steel 2,500 lb rated delta seat mounts for spreader bar.
  • 2 - Forged Steel 2,500 lb rated shoulder mounts for Spreader bar or Parachuting.
  • 1 - Forged Steel 5,000 lb rated Rear Safety Fall mount ANSI rated Z359.12
  • Harness made of 6,000 or 7,000-lb. nylon webbing depending on color.
  • Harness made of 1000 text Nylon
  • 4 - Adjustable Steel quick-release buckles rated at 17.84kN.
  • Spreader bar attaches to the 4-points on the harness to for extra support to sit upright in the harness
  • Versatile, lightweight, more comfortable than other harnesses on the market.
  • Made in USA manufactured to meet specifications according to meet NFPA 1983 class lll, OSHA 1926.502, ANSI Z359.1-1992, ANSI A10.14-1991, CSA Z259.1-1976, CSA Z259.10-M90 standards..
  • Very light weight 6 pounds
  • Harness capacity: 420-lbs.
  • Please email for quotation and price.