Yates Spec Pak Lifting Bridle System

Yates Lifting Bridle System, SKU# YA905, used with the Yates Spec Pak, SKU# YA900, jpg image
  Yates Spec Pak Lifting Bridle System

The new Lifting Bridle System designed for use with the Yates 2nd generation Spec Pak allows for horizontal, semi sitting and semi vertical (80 degree) positioning of the patient. This system of lifting is useful when longer suspension times are anticipated, reducing the chances of development of suspension syndrome. Lifting bridle is attached to new chest mounted D rings on the 2nd generation Spec Pak. Head, crotch and leg strap allows for complete stabilization of the patient without the need of a full litter. Easily adjustable with use of 6kN rated Ancra Cam Buckles. Lifting bridle has full strength 22.2 kN backup strap for attachment to head located lifting D ring on Spec Pak. All carabiners and connectors are included.

NOTE: Lifting Bridle can only be used on new style (2nd Generation) Spec Paks with chest mounted D rings.

Yates Spec Pak, 2nd Generation model, is identified by the chest mounted red D-Rings jpg image

IMPORTANT: Do not use Lifting Bridle with old style Spec Paks.

Yates Spec Pak 1st Generation, Standard Model is identified by Quick Connect Snap Hooks jpg image

Lifting Bridle System is designed to work with the 2nd Generation Spec Pak and is now included with purchase of the Spec Pak (2nd Gen Spec Pak will not function in all lifting modes without the use of Lifting Bridle). If you purchase the Spec Pak you will not need to purchase the Lifting Bridle System separately.

This Yates Spec Pak Lifting Bridle System is a Rescue Response Gear Red iBex approved Yates Gear product to fill your various needs for use in rope rescue and industrial rope access fall protection when using equipment such as webbing, rope, anchors, harnesses, helmets, gloves, belay & rappel devices, ascenders, pulleys, carabiners and other approved hardware in professional swiftwater, firefighter, canyoneering, work at height, positioning, suspension and fall arrest when climbing and descending, mast and tower climb, telecoms, wind turbines and stage rigging .