TraserH3 P6504 Black Storm Pro - RM Edition

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We are able to produce traser and H3 GWS G10 watch models with your regimental badge on the dial and details of the models already available can be found here.

In the first instance, we will require a high resolution image (300 dpi) of the regimental badge in order to be able to produce a detailed printing plate. Please be aware that there is no minimum order quantity but the printing costs are lower for larger orders.

For more information on pricing and lead times, please contact us.


These range of traser H3 watches are comissioned models for us and are not available from all traser dealers. We have listened to customer feedback over the years and designed the models featured below to meet niche gaps in the standard range.

P6504 Black Storm Pro - RM Edition

P6504 Black Storm Pro - Rifles Edition

P6504 Black Storm Pro - Para Edition

Please email for quote.