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ESS Striketeam SJ Goggles

ESS Striketeam SJ Goggles 740-0235, Wildland Firefighting, Rescue, and EMS EMT
Protective Eyewear

Product Info
The ESS Striketeam SJ 740-0235 from ESS Eyewear Safety Systems is part of the
Striketeam Series of protective goggles intended for Wildland Firefighting,
Rescue, and EMS applications. ESS Striketeam Safety Goggles offer an
uncompromised level of safety and performance, without sacrificing comfort,
optical clarity, or impact protection.

The ESS Striketeam SJ Goggle 7400235 is fully sealed for heavy smoke
environments and features soft wicking face padding with fully sealed vents
for smoke-free vision. Included with ESS Striketeam SJ EMS Goggles is a set of
two tear-off lens covers. The Speed-Clip Strap System from ESS makes
wraparound strap adjustment quick and easy.

The Striketeam SJ has a roomy frame that fits over most eyeglasses. Also
available for Prescription Eyeglass wearers is the Striker Goggle Rx Insert
that is an Rx lens carrier specially designed for a proper, secure fit in ESS
SJ Striketeam 7400235 Goggles. The ESS Striker & Tactical Series Goggle Rx
Insert 740-0313 includes prescription lens prepared by an authorized ESS lab,
and the ESS 740-0313 Striker & Tactical Series Goggle Blank Rx Carrier is the
insert only without lens for those who need RX prepared by their own optician.

All Striketeam Goggles are Federal OSHA and ANSI Z87.1-2003+ compliant.
Striketeam Lenses exceed the U.S. Military's MIL-V-43511C ballistic impact
requirements as well as provide 100% UVA/UVB Protection. This line is non NFPA
1971 compliant but is considered Primary Eye Protection by NFPA 1500

Features of ESS Striketeam SJ Safety Goggle 740-0235:

    Speed-Clip Straps
    2.4mm Lenses
    Fully-Sealed Vents
    Durable Face Padding
    Wrap-around Strap
    Interchangeable Lenses
    Fits Over Glasses

Price RM490 free posting
PS: No local pick up mail order only