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Gath Gedi Marine Rescue Helmet

RESCUE HELMET - Gath Gedi Marine Rescue Helmet (370-430gms)

Helmet Colours

Visor Colours

Available helmet colour: safety yellow (matte), safety red (matte or gloss), white (matte) and black (rubber).

Available visor tints: smoke grey and clear.

The Gath Rescue Helmet with Full Face Visor provides outstanding protection against damaging UV Sunlight. In the up position the visor provides overhead and side sunlight protection while allowing normal vision, and when in the down position provides total protection against the harsh ellements, wind, water and salt spray and more than 98% UV protection against direct sunlight and glare.

The benefits of the Full Face Visor combined with Gaths unique soft foam Comfort Strip fitting system and close fit helmet design provides a Rescue Helmet with excellent performs in all conditions.
Size Chart
Gath Gedi is fitted with comfort strip as follows:
Helmet Size Comfort Strip Fitted Additional Strip/s Fits Head Size
Small 10.5mm 12mm 540mm - 555mm
Medium 7.5mm 9mm 560mm - 575mm
Large 4.5mm 6mm & 7.5mm 580mm - 590mm
X Large 9mm 10.5mm 595mm - 610mm
XX Large 4.5mm 6mm & 7.5mm 610mm - 620mm
This sizing chart is a guide only, as head shapes vary.
Measurements should be taken around the head - mid forehead, just above the ears.
GEDI RIBBED PEAK GO PRO READYGoPro - Gedi "PEAK MOUNT" securely holds all model GoPro Cameras (Camera Base fitted to Peak by strong RUST PROOF SCREWS).
Go Pro Ready (TOP MOUNT)GoPro Top Camera Mount allows you the convenience of easy clip on clip off camera mounting.

Online Order

RESCUE HELMET - Gath Gedi Marine Rescue Helmet (370-430gms)

Gedi ships with Full Face Visor, Ear Protectors, spare Comfort Strip, chinstrap Anti Rash Sleeve and Storage Bag.


AU $190.00

Product Accessories


  AU $35.00

Go Pro Ready (TOP MOUNT)

AU $20.00

Product Information

Gath Gedi Rescue Helmet is EN1385 Approved. Easy to remove Ear Protectors and Gaths unique Comfort Strip fitting system to provide excellent comfort, stability and protection against the harsh elements. Enquiries welcome.

Technical Information

Gath helmets are made from quality materials to strict specifications and are built to last and are backed with a 3 year warranty.All materials are strong, durable, rust proof and will withstand harsh climate conditions and temperature extremes.  Shell …..UV stable, impact resistant, quality ABS plastic.Visors…. UV stable, shatter proof, quality polycarbonate plastic.Peaks….UV stable, shatter proof, flexible, quality nylon plastic. Liner….Multi impact EVA closed cell foam.Comfort Strip….Soft closed cell EVA foam.Fittings….All Gath helmet custom built screws and rivets are made from strong non corrosive, salt water resistant materials. Retention system….. is made using non stretch standards approved webbing, standards approved quick release buckles for a secure retention and are fitted with a neoprene anti rash sleeve for added comfort.  
The latest hydro dynamic Gath Convertibles adapt easily to give a choice of performance benefits.Mini Skull Cap: slip off ear pockets, allows maximum hearing, balance, cooling, freedom of movement.Full head Cover: slip on ear pockets (55 gram set), provide maximum coverage, stability, ear protection, warmth & adjustable audio vents.Detachable Shatter Proof Visors:  UV eye protection (Rated UPF 50+ Excellent Protection Category), glare reduction, increased facial impact protection, eye object penetration resistance. 
Superior flexible design increases the level of comfort for ALL head and face shapes!  Five sizes  S, M, L, XL and XXL  with an innovative comfort fit system that allows personal customisation for a secure fit for ALL head sizes from Small to XX-Large.
With or without ear pockets Gath lightweight Convertibles deliver a good level of protection and the comfort to forget you're wearing a helmet.
Gath is unequalled in and on the water for design balance between safety & performance with high quality head protection from sun, wind, water and impact injury.
  • Versatility to adapt for all requirements & conditions.
  • Popular features of the original Gaths plus radical new styling.
  • Low drag, good water immersion & neutral buoyancy, which minimise the risk of neck and spine injury for water impact.
  • Sleek new shell profiles shaped for freedom of movement and maximum peripheral vision.
  • Moulded non-absorbent closed-cell soft foam liners contoured for comfort and rapid water drainage.
  • Quick drying, even after extensive use in the water.
  • Non corrosive components and adhesives for long lasting durability in the harshest marine conditions.