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Sked Foam Flotation System

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The flotation system for the Sked Stretcher maintains the patient in a nearly vertical position. It is designed so that a patient in the water can be loaded into the stretcher. Self-righting, it will keep the patient’s head above water even in rough seas. The Flotation System fits both full-size and pediatric Sked Stretchers.
Available in colors International Orange or Camouflage Green.
Made in USA.

System comes with:
  • Ballast Weight
  • Inflatable Chest Pad
  • Ethafoam Floats (pair)
  • Extra Long Handles
  • Retaining Strap
Click to open Sked Foam Flotation System SKU# 756001, Instruction Manual (PDF)Instruction Manual, Diagrams & Info for Sked Foam Floatation System [PDF - .96 MB]

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