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SKED HMD Rescue System

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A variation of the classic Sked Stretcher design, the Mass Casualty—Haz-Mat Decontaminable (HMD) SkedStretcher is intended for ease of use in mass casualty or hazardous material incidents.

Mass Casualty Incidents: The HMD Sked can be stored flat on pallets with the straps packaged separately, which allows quick movement of a large number of stretchers to an incident with a large number of patients, such as a plane crash or explosion. Pallets of 50 to 200 HMD stretchers can be moved by truck or airlifted by helicopter to facilitate the rapid movement of patients.

Haz-Mat Incidents: Doing anything in Level A and B protective suits is difficult. The HMD Sked allows a patient or a downed rescuer to be quickly rolled onto the stretcher and pulled out of the hot zone by rescuers a rope length away. Polypropylene straps are resistant to chemicals and the two-inch side-release buckles are easy to operate even with thick gloves..

Color: Yellow
Weight: 12 lb. 6oz (5.6 kg)

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