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Wave Sport D Series

The Wavesport D-Series is on of the most versatile, all-river, all-conditions white water kayak ever made. The D-Series are smooth and stable, quick and manoeuvrable, capable of going "off-road" when you are ready. The D's high volume deck with forgiving, performance oriented hull puts you in control regardless of the situation. Surfing, river-running or steep creeking, the D is ready to roll. (And easy to roll, for the record!) The Wavesport D-series is available in two sizes, the D-65(45-91kg) and D-75(64-109).
  • Model: WS01551
  • Shipping Weight: 20lbs
  • 1 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Wave sport



Kids Rodeo Kayak

1 used kids kayak complete with 1 pro-tech helmet and 1 NRS life jacket
Brand: Jackson - Shooting Star
“Dynamite comes in small packages” This is true for the Shooting Star. No longer do you have to be an adult to rock the river and playboat like a champ. The Shooting star is the unchallenged JR Freestyle kayak over the last couple of generations and a GREAT boat for beginners to learn in for anyone under 100lbs!

Length: 5′ 1 3/4″
Width: 1′ 8 7/8″
Height: 10 7/8″
Volume (gallons): 31
Maximum Weight Range: 30 to 100 lbs
Paddle (Carbon/Kevlar)



Misson Flow

The Flow features sit-on styling with a premium blend of surfing and all round family fun.
Excellent stablility and user friendly handling make it ideal for families and fun seekers at the beach, lake or river.
The flared bow and tracking hull gives smooth predictable performance to all paddler abilities, even in choppy conditions.
The contour-moulded seating area features integrated footrests and a moulded backrest for instant comfort and added control. Slightly in front of the main seating area is a flattened spot for wee ones to sit between their parents legs, making this a perfect "tandem" for families with young children - until they are so tall that you can't see over their heads.
Once kids reach four years of age (or are simply big enough to reach the water with a paddle) they'll be ready to have some supervised fun on their own. This makes the Flow a kayak literally for all ages - easy to carry, easy to paddle, and stable enough for all users.
The Flow is manageable, easy to car-top with perfectly balanced central handles, and requires minimal storage space thanks to the compact size and shape that allows families with several Flows to stack them.
This Super-Linear Polyethylene boat is a versatile lightweight option for women and children as well giving great stability and being easy to handle and store. Specification
Length: 2.95m
Weight: 19kg

  • Model: MIS1771
  • Shipping Weight: 19lbs
  • 10 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Mission



Mission surge

This tandem is based on the popular single kayak, the 'Mission Flow'.
You can relax in the comfortable moulded seats and enjoy the 'Surge's' fun, stable and very forgiving temperament. This user friendly tandem is perfect for exploration from the bank or shore, catching a wave, or just milling around.
Where the Flow is a good mini-tandem for families with young children, this same design has been incorporated into the Surge - making it the absolute perfect kayak for families of 1-5 people.
One person can paddle alone sitting in the central moulded spot Two people paddle both sitting in the comfortable deeply moulded seats Two adults and up to three kids - little kids sit between their parents' legs, crosslegged in the middle seat, or in all three spots depending on the number of kids.
On the water, the hull features a tracking keel, upswept bow and even volume distribution for a smooth, predictable ride. Off the water the Surge's compact design is manageble, can be car topped easily - with side handles helping with control while putting it on and off the roof (as well as adding secure lock/tie down points) - and requires only modest storage space.
Fleet operators will appreciate Mission's signature reliability, robust construction and stackable design.

Capacity 250kg

  • Model: Mis 1772
  • Shipping Weight: 30lbs
  • 10 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Mission



Perception Dancer Pro

A classic kayak which turns your early kayaking experiences into safe and comfortable adventureswith improves cockpit. Its styling and ageless performance makes it as the best white water kayak ever. The Dancer suits a range of skill levels from beginners to advance paddlers. The Dancer is kayak with a proven pedigree to take you comfortably and safely through your venturesninto kayaking.
LENGTH = 350 cm
WIDTH = 61 cm
VOLUME = 250 litres
WEIGHT = 17 kg
SUGG WEIGHT = up to 95 kg
COCKPIT = Keyhole

  • Model: PC1331
  • Shipping Weight: 20lbs
  • 40 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Perception



Paddle - Water Rafting

Ideal for recreational canoeing or whitewater rafting