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Specialize in outdoor and indoor activities mainly in Malaysia. We also offer consultancy, open package and designed packages by individual or groups. Outdoor gear is also our main priority as we are also selling and renting outdoor gear i.e camping equipment, climbing gear, water proof equipment and other extreme equipment.
We offer unlimited outdoor adventures activities, we provide outdoor recreation training camps and corporate training.


Everyone has a right to have a great or even amazing lifetime experience with Youngstone Adventures!

20 years experience in outdoor activities
and training.

Corporate Training Rafting/ River Expedition

Deep Cave Rappel

Military and Tactical Equipment Rope Management

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Jungle Survival 2 Jungle Survival 3

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Domestic Survival Nav / Survival / Med Class

Rock Climbing
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 Jungle Survival 1
 Wilderness Class  
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Basic Pistol

Safety Rigger And Industrial Abselling Specialist

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Ministry of Defence and National Security Maldive


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